Do We Need Religion?
Posted on November 04, 2013 13:12
Do We Need Religion?
“We have started a quest for truth in science but this is not enough. The quest for truth has to be continued in the realm of values as well.”

“ Islam does not accept anyone who claims to be a Muslim if he/she has not found the basic principles of belief according to reasoning.”


In this video, you will find answers to the following questions:

* How to look at a religion from the viewpoint of a daily life?
* Why having a harmonized value system is necessary for a person in a  dynamic society?
* Do we need to think about religion?
* What are the potential benefits of seeking the truth through religion?
* Is religion a man-made phenomena?
* How the existence of religion is viewed in man’s history?
* What is the methodology of studying religion?
* How to learn the systematic approach to the analysis of religion?
* How to study the issue of God in a religion?
* Can we know God through our knowledge?
* How can we believe in God & why we need God?