Colloquium on Academic Shi’a Studies
Posted on September 01, 2017 18:30
Colloquium on Academic Shi’a Studies

Session with a Group of Shi’a Studies Scholars

A group of 14 scholars from different countries who were interested to participate in a one-week intensive course on Shi’ism that was organized by the University of Religions and Denominations in Qum City accepted the invitation of IRIC to attend in a one-day Colloquium on Academic Shi’a Studies in Tehran at the end of their educational course.

This program was held in the premise of Encyclopaedia Islamica Foundation on Thursday, August 31, 2017. The participants got to know about the activities and mission of Islamic Research and Information Center (IRIC) by Dr. Abdollah Edrisi. Then Dr. Maryam Mousavi and Dr. Fatemeh Taromi Rad presented the progress report on "Shi'i Studies in the United Kingdom" project.

Professors and scholars participated in the brainstorming workshop for "Research Proposals on Shi'i Studies" led by Dr. Hamid Azarinia, Institute of Imamite Studies.

The other programs were a presentation by Dr. Morteza Karimi-Nia on “Some new documents in the history of the Qurʾan; And some new findings in the history of Shīʿī tafsīr” and an introduction to Encyclopaedia Islamica Foundation and a visit to its Library by Dr. Parviz Salmani.

Professors, experts and scholars like Dr. Kurt Richardson, University of Toronto, Canada, Dr. Alena Kulinich, London University, Britain, Dr. Filiz Kartal, Institute for Turkey and the Middle East, Turkey, Dr. Edith Szanto, The American University, Iraq, Dolores Richardson, Zakia Aqra, Angela Sogor, Paniz Musawi, participated in this colloquium.