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Ethics in Man

06 February, 2014 10:12
Ethics in Man
In Islam, religion is a complete way of life, not just a spiritual yearning. When a person believes that God has created the world and has sent divine guidance to human beings, he would want to follow His guidance. 
Islam provides an entire spiritual and social structure that regulates believers in every aspect of their lives: whom they marry, how they conduct business relations, what they say when praying, how they relate to their neighbors, and so on. "Islamic lifestyle" is a 26-part series which focuses on Islamic teachings to make a better life. The series consists of 3 chapters of ”Ethics in Man”, ”Ethics in Family” and ”Ethics in Society”.


Ethics in man is the first chapter of "Islamic lifestyle" series, which deals with codes of good conduct in personal life from Islamic point of view, this chapter consists of 11 parts. 
The first 6 parts are presented by Dr. S. Mustafa Safavi, a university lecturur and Islamic studies scholar. In these parts you will learn about trustworthiness, faithfulness, sincerity versus showiness, truth versus untruth, charity and donation, and contentment versus greed. 
The second 7 parts are presented by Mrs. Parisa Askari, Islamic studies scholar. In the second 7 parts you will learn about good temper, envy, backbite, modesty, patience, justice, and piety.

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Ethics in Man
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