Conferences & Seminars
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    Creating a forum for discussing topics of contemporary relevance, and inviting renowned scholars and researchers to share their research projects and opinions on the topics.
  • Conferences & Seminars
    Conferences play a key role in the Centre's commitment to the promotion of dialogue and partnership between the Islamic world and the West.

Conferences & Symposiums

IRIC has organized and held monthly conferences in order to spread information pertaining to contemporary Islamic and global issues for foreigners residing in the Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as for the students and families studying abroad, academic and research centers and English language media outlets. With over 7 years of experience, it has been one of the most successful activities of IRIC in order to represent the true face of Islamic teachings & viewpoints to scholars, intellectuals, students and other interested participants in English language.

IRIC has also held some seasonal symposiums, research seminars and conferences through creating a forum for discussing topics of contemporary relevance, and inviting renowned scholars and researchers. These intellectuals have shared their research projects and opinions on the topics such as Muslim youths in western societies, presentation of Shi'ism to the western world, western world's understanding of Shi'ism, the image of Islam in western media and the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) the messenger of morality & dignity.

Such activities are organized with the collaboration of the institutions and academic organizations which deal with common topics of interest such as Islam & the western societies and their Muslim minorities.

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Browse Our Previous Conferences, Seminars & Symposiums       On Wednesday, June 11, 2014, IRIC will be holding an event to celebrate the birth of Imam al-Mahdi (as) entitled: "The Promised Era: Manifestation of Peace."      The Islamic Research and Information Center, in collaboration with researchers, professors and experts in the area of Islam ...     
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