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Shi'a Human Rights Symposium

17 December, 2013 19:18
Shi'a Human Rights Symposium

In an effort to spread awareness of the discrimination and persecution faced by Shia Muslims worldwide under the term of Anti-Shi'ism and also unveil prejudice and hatred toward the Shia branch of Islam or towards Shia Muslims and hatred incitement against Shiites which prevailed by radical terrorist groups a scientific symposium was held with the cooperation of the Iranian Islamic Human Rights Commission on Wednesday December 18, 2013 by the participation of some lawyers, legal experts, historians and Muslim intellectuals.

It took note of the reports that are being made on Human Rights violations to Shia Muslims around the world.

The outcome of the project publicly condemned any reports that justifies violence or entire events itself, trying to raise awareness and bring the violations to the attention of the people and Mass Media.

7 articles presented by the scholars and it was decided to publish them in a book and it was decided to establish a secretariat for following the decisions and suggestions.

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Shi'a Human Rights Symposium
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