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Presentation of Shi'ism to the Western World

13 February, 2013 16:46

Presentation of Shia'ism to the Western World 

Past, Present and the Future

Achievements of the Shia Scholars and Intellectuals residing in the West

Presentation of Shi'ism to the Western World

The 6th. Symposium and Intellectual Gathering of IRIC was held in the venue of The AhlulBayt World Assembly in Tehran with the collaboration of the Assembly on 14 February, 2013.

The symposium was started by reciting some verses of the Holy Quran and then Dr.Fani, the Education Manager of IRIC, delivered the opening speech in which he presented a brief report of IRIC establishment and its history .Then he gave a comprehensive introduction of the projects, activities and services conducted in the mentioned institute .The symposium continued with a speech given by Ayatollah Akhtari, the Secretary General of AhlulBayt World Assembly.

According to Ayatollah Akhtari most of their activities focused on Shia Minorities, cultural Islamic developments and economic development of Shia Muslim communities. He also presented some books and journals published by Assembly. Moreover, he gave some information about AhlulBayt institutes, international websites and broadcasting the news of Shias around the world.

He emphasized the necessity of supporting the Shia Communities in the entire world. He also suggested establishment of a comprehensive cooperation among relevant institutes and organization especially IRIC.

The symposium carried on by the lectures of IRICs, researchers under the supervision of Scientific Dept. of IRIC. The subjects of the lectures were as follows:

1. Active Shia scholars in North America

(Presented by Eng. Sayed Mostafa Rezazadeh, researcher and executive director of IRIC.)

2. An introduction to shia journals and publications in the west

(Presented by Ms. F.Parsaian)

3. Shia English visual media in the west

(Presented by Ms.Baesi)

The symposium was terminated by the speeches of the following scholars in the debate section:

Ayatollah Taskhiri, Hoj. Hasan Taromi, Dr. Sekaleshfar, Mr. Ansarian (Publisher), Dr. Saneepour, Dr.Karimian (Cultural Counselor ),Mr mosavi and Mr. Kashani

Dr.Nahavandian, the chairman of IRIC, concluded the debate and symposium requesting all relevant authorities for the comprehensive and modern propagation and introducing the true culture of pure Islam and the school of AhlulBayt ( Peace be Upon Them)

Date : 2013-02-14 
Place : The AhlulBayt World Assembly

Date : 2013-02-14 
Place : The AhlulBayt World Assembly

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Presentation of Shi'ism to the Western World
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