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Western World's Understanding of Shi'ism

15 February, 2012 18:02
Western World's Understanding of Shi'ism

The 4th. Symposium and intellectual gathering of IRIC was held in the Religions and Denominations University of Ghom(Center of Iran ) with the collaboration of ' Shia Institute ' at 16th February , 2012.

The symposium was started by reciting some verses of the Holy Quran and then Dr.Fakhari, the Executive Manager of IRIC,delivered the opening speech in which he referred to Shia’s great responsibility for spreading the massage of Qadir.

The symposium continued with a speech given by Dr.Taghi Zade , the Head of the Institute of Shia Studies.

After welcoming the guests, he gave a comprehensive introduction of the projects, activities and services conducted in the mentioned institute. According to Dr. Taghi Zade most of their studies focused on theology, social history of Shia and demographic of Shia in the Middle East. He also presented some journals published by their institute such as the Journal of Shia Women, Shia News and the Journal of Social Theology. Moreover, he gave some information about the institutes, international website broadcasting the news of Shias around the world.

Dr.Taghi Zade emphasized the necessity of supporting the shia study courses in Iran. He also suggested establishment of the Shia heritage museum, the online university of shia studies and the strategic center for Shias. The next speech was delivered by Dr. Navab, Founder and President of Religions and Denominations University who encouraged the attempts for globalization of Shia studies.

The symposium carried on by the lectures of IRIC students under the supervision of Dr. Taromi ,The Senior Researcher of IRIC. The subjects of the lecture are as follows:

-Shia studies in western Academia (presented by Miss. Baesi)

-Shia centered- studies in the West (presented by Mrs. Alemi)

-Shiism in western media (Mr.Shahidi)

The symposium was terminated by the speeches of following scholars in the last section:

Dr.Nahavandian, Dr.Ahmadi, Dr.Elmi, Dr.Alviri, Dr.Masjed Jamei, Dr. Saboonchi and Dr.Maknoon.

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Western World's Understanding of Shi'ism
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