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The Young Muslim and Western Societies

23 June, 2011 14:38
The Young Muslim and Western Societies

The Third Symposium of the center was hold in the venue of Ansar Islamic Center on June 23, 2011.

It was welcomed by many dignitaries and students and the speakers delivered their researches as follows:

- Recitation of Quran

- Welcome Message

- Ansar Islamic Center's Activity Report


Categorizing the Problems of the Muslim Youth in Western Societies

By: Hojjatul-islam Taromi , Research Deputy of Islamic Encyclopedia Foundation

A Report about Some Important Muslim Youth Organizations In the West

By: Ms. Parsaian

- The Positive Experiences of Living in Non- Muslim Societies in USA..

By: Miss Ekrami

Some Guidelines to Solve Muslim Minorities Problems

By: Ayatullah Taskhiri, Secretary General of the World Forum of Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought

Challenges of Muslim Families of Living in Western Societies

By: Dr. Bagheri, University Professor

- Question & Answer and Debate

By 6 Dignitaries Presided and Coordinated by Dr. Nahavandian , the Chairman of IRIC with the participation of Dr. Gavahi , Dr. Samii ( from Islamic Collegue of London ), Hojattul -islam Jaafari ( from Grand Ayatollah Vahid Office) , Hojattul-islam Beheshti ( from Grand Ayatollah Safi office ) and Hojjatul-islam Taromi.


Date : June 23, 2011 
Place : Ansar Islamic Center

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The Young Muslim and Western Societies
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