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Future of the world, convergence, and justice

04 August, 2009 15:06

Convergence or Divergence?

The question is:

Is the world of humanity moving toward convergence or divergence?

Universality of the Mahdi’s Mission

The Quran provides a complete code of life – it is a perfect constitution. After testing all other man-made laws, the humanity will eventually profess its need for Islam’s equalitarian legislations. Central to these is the concept of Mahdism – a divine figure who will justly implement the codes of laws, and help mankind to discover the Earth’s abundant treasures.

Imam Mahdi: The Crusader of Equality and World Peace

Most of the world religions have faith in the future of humanityThey all believe, though in different forms, that a messiah will save the entire humanity and the world from all sins. The messiah will establish a society on the basis of true virtues.


The world future and destiny:

1. Converging creatures

2. Justice for all




Date : Tuesday 4 Augut 2009 (13 mordad 88) , 17.00-20.00 
Place : Iran Chamber of Commerce, Number 254, Taleghani Avenue, Tehran.

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