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One Moment with the Savior

26 August, 2007 15:12

In the name of Allah, the most compassionate, the most merciful

Islamic Research and Information Center

Summery of the 15th of Shaaban conference:

Part one: “One moment with the Savior”

(Presentations by the youth group)

1.     The globalizing world (Mr. Ahmadi)

The result of globalization is hunger, horror, disasters and war in most of the undeveloped countries and on the other side, the fast pace of growth in IT, transportation, pride of women, materialism and the game of power in the developed nations. World’s globalization has brought us terrorism, addiction, emotional affections, insecurities and lack of peace and happiness, while it was expected to spread equality and peace. People are always worried and suspicious about their surroundings and others, and they don’t feel freedom and privacy. Speeches about “human rights” are by those who do not know what humanity is; they only try to gain more power over the world. The eligible power to govern the global world in order to stop disastrous life is the big question. Now, even the traditional idea of international institutions to solve these problems can not be supported, when they do nothing for the crisis of nations in Middle East and invading countries like United States.

2.     Every one is awaiting him (Mrs. Kadkhodaee)

The belief of a coming savior to survive the whole world and to establish a just and peaceful society exists in all the divine religions and also in the others.

Jews believe in coming of Messiah with the name of Hashim. He is to be the descendent of King David in the great land of Israel. He is to bring peace for them.

Christians believe in the return of Jesus Christ who has been called the Son of Man or the Son of Human in the Holy Bible.

 In Islam, he is named Mahdi, meaning the guided person, who is the son of Bani Hashim family.

The same belief exists among Zoroastrians. They call their promised savior as Sochiant who will rise from the city of Yazd in Iran.

3.     Mahdi of Islam (Miss. Shareqi)

As God has promised the prosperous and safe life for the world, it is emphasized in Islam as the last message of Him. The prophet, Muhammad (PBUH), has notified coming of the world’s savior and stated his signs. He is born on 15th of Shaaban, as the towlevth and the last infallible, in the city of Samerra located in Iraq. His father is Imam Hasan Askari (AS) and his mother was Narjes khatun. He is alive and living among us, but he can not be seen by people till the time God permits. However, his absence should not be deemed as not living in the world. As it is said by previous infallibles, his absence is like the Sun which is behind the clouds. He will rise from the city of Mecca and confirms the message of all previous prophets and infallibles. He will establish the desired and just society for us.

4.     The Savior and Me (Mr. Mohsen Nahavandian)

Now, if we believe in the presence of the savior that always sees and hears us and helps us in solving our problems, how do we contact with him? In deed, what is the type of our relationship with him as we believe in his presence in our lives? It is the time to think more about these matters and tell others about our experience.

Part two: Love of Imam Mahdi (PBUH), the secret of salvation (Dr. Rahimian)

The focus of the lecture is on how to establish a strong relationship with Imam Mahdi (AS).

Imam Sadeq (AS) says:                                                                                                  هل الدین الا الحب؟

Is the religion (faith) anything but love?

Love means liking a person at its highest level of possible. Love is not a one way relationship; which means if you love Him then He will love you too. Love means to provide the loving person with whatever he/she likes and refrain from whatever he/she dislikes. So, if you love somebody then you can not live in the way that like, you must behave, speak and live in the way that will make him happy. We should always wonder whether our deeds will make Him happy or not.

·         What makes Imam Happy?

1.      Remembering Him all along life: How many times do we remember Him? Do we have any contact with Him? How do we feel Him?

2.     Trying to pray for Him: we should always pray for his health and resurrection (Faraj) as it becomes a habit for us, even with the shortest one: (ج عجل لولیک الفر اللهم) and we should believe that these supplications will reach Him and God will say Yes to one of them.

3.     Waiting for Him to come at a time and not in special days like Fridays.

4.     Talking to him as a close friend and in our own language.

·         Who deserves to be our master of thinking?

There are lots of masters who are famous throughout the world like Anthony Robbins. They hold lots of conferences and write lots of books. They teach people how to become rich or how to forget their problems without guiding them toward the true way of living. But we have a greater master, Imam Mahdi (As), who is always with us and solves our problems without the need for making an appointment with Him. He is the kindest and the loveliest master for us.

·         He is the one to be loved:

He is the reminder of Allah on earth, wisdom says that do not replace Him with other fake masters.

·         Loving Him requires some Do’s and Don’ts:

We should learn about the acts and thoughts that He might like or dislike and to prepare a list of them for ourselves as the rules and principles of our lives. Then we should try to exercise and put them into practice.


Part three: A Glance at the Books & Publications about Mahdism & Savior; Positive or Opposing Viewpoints of the West. (Dr.Edrisi)

Searches about the meanings written for the words “Mahdi” and “Mahdism” in different dictionaries and encyclopedias show that only in Webster Dictionary these words are explained. The reasons for this matter are that western thinkers were not familiar with these terms and this is our duty to show and introduce the culture of Mahdism to the World as Muslims. But in recent years situation has been changed and they are trying to investigate more about these matters. There are lots of books written in this field and the behavior towards Islam has been based on this ideology.

Reasons of emergence of the idea of Mahdism in the West:

·         Emergence of the Islamic movements, like the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran and the mottos that are used like “ O God, save the Imam Khomeini’s Movement till the Revolution of Imam Mahdi”.

·         Emergence of Islamic “Khalifah” among the Sunni muslim movements.

·         Uprising of Shias in Lebanon, Iraq and the questions raised about the believers of it and the army of Mahdi(AS)

·         The lecture of Dr. Ahmadinezhad, the president of I.R.Iran  in the security council of United Nations  and his praise for Imam Mahdi(AS).

Key words:

·         Messiah: in Christianity, as mentioned in Oxford Dictionary it refers to a leader who is believed to save the people from evil and sin. In Judaism, he is the king who will save the Jews and establish the kingdom of David.

·         Salvation: the state of being safe from evil.

·         Anti-Christ: the devil that is Christ’s greatest enemy and will emerge at the Ending Age. It is known as “Al-Dajjal” in Islamic belief.


Description of the concept of Mahdi from the western point of view through their publications:

·         Mahdi in Islam is Anti-Christ

·         Mahdi is Anti-Semitic (Anti-Jewish), he is against the kingdom of David.

·         He is destroyer of western civilization.

·         He is the leader of terrorist groups, with referring to Islamic Khalifah or Taliban or Al-Qa’edah.

·         Some writers say he is the establisher of the kingdom of God on earth. (Similar to Jesus)

·         Mahdi is the commander of Islamists in Armageddon Great War, against the Christians.

·         Some writers say He is Jesus Christ.

·         Some of them say that He is Anti-wisdom, and Anti civilization.

A glance at some of the books with following titles:

- Savior and Religion

1.     Is Jesus the only Savior? (James .R. Edward)

2.     World’s Saviors (Charies Vail)

- Anti-Christ

        Islam’s awaited Messiah (Joel Richardson)

- Anti-Semitic

        God’s promise and the future of Israel

- Destroyer of western civilizations

1.     Savior or destroyer

2.     Islam in the end times

- Head of terrorist groups

1.     The Mahdi: Hijacked Messiah

2.     Christianity and Islam: the final clash

- Establisher of God’s kingdom

        Jesus and utopia: looking for the kingdom of God in Roman

- Armageddon

Armageddon: an Islamic perspective

- Jesus Christ

       Name above all names

- Predictions about end times

1.     Real prophecy unveiled (Joseph Adamson)

2.     Seven signs of the end times (Mark Hitchcock)

3.     The Gospel of the Savior (charies. W. Hedrich)

4.     Understanding end times prophecy ( Poul Benward)


Part four: Q & A

By: Dr. Safavi - Dr. Rahimian - Dr. Edrisi

Part five: The supplication of Dua's Faraj


Love of Imam Mahdi.ppt


Date : Sunday 26 August 2007 - 4:30 P.M. to 7:10 P.M. 
Place : Kanoone Islami Ansar, Dr. Shariati Avenue (Taleghani Intersection), Tehran-Iran

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