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Ghadir; A Divine Message Received

10 January, 2007 16:22
Ghadir; A Divine Message Received

What has exactly happened in Ghadir?

Is it really an absolute historical event?

Does it have any effect on today’s Muslim society?

More than 14 centuries ago, the holy prophet of Islam had a speech among a great gathering of Muslims. But those who were present in that gathering were not the only people whom the prophet was talking to. We are also a part of the society which the prophet ordered them to make a promise with the new leader of the Muslim society. And if the Muslims fulfill this promise with words and deeds, it is the most assured gate toward the right path.

The 54th of the monthly scientific meetings of Islamic Research and Information Center (IRIC) was held by the "Youth Group" of this NGO, on the verge of the "Ghadir" event.

Dr. Nahavandian discussed with some of his students in line with the importance of this great event, its effect on our today's lives and our duty towards it.


Date : January 11th 2007 - Thurseday (Day 21st 1385) 
Place : 2nd Floor, Kanoon Ansar, Crossroad of Taleghani St. and Shariati St., Tehran, Iran

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Ghadir; A Divine Message Received
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