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The glad news in the sacred books about the blessed prophet of Islam (P.B.U.H)

20 December, 2006 16:25
The glad news in the sacred books about the blessed prophet of Islam (P.B.U.H)

The 53 th conference from the monthly scientific conference of ISLAMIC RESERCH AND INFORMATION CENTER on the eve of the new christian year and the year of Holy prophet of Islam (PBUH) has been allocated to the glad news which have been mentioned in the books of the old and new testament concerning the Advent and personality of the holy prophet of Islam, may blessing of God, the Almighty be upon him.
With God, the Almighty Islam is the Divine religion which is a collection of instruction and guidline that from the beginning of history up to the Doomsday through the divine passengers (SA) has been descended by God.

Dr. Abdulrahim Gavahi , Professor of University , writer , researcher and specilalist will render his speech in line with the Advent of religion of Islam and the personality of holy prophet of Islam (PBUH) through expressing some statements about the history of the religions which his headings of discussions are as follows :

  1. In the former heavenly books (Old and New Testament) with what names the HolyProphet of Islam (PBUH) has been called and what topics have been mentioned about him in the books under question?

  2. What topics are witnessed in the Old and New Testament about the advent of the religion of Islam and its pervasiveness after the Jewish and Christian religions?

  3. It has been said that there have been more subjects about Islam and the HolyProphet of Islam in the Old and New Testament but they have been distorted. To what extent this claim is appropriate?

  4. What is the summary of some topics concerning to the advent of the Infallible Imam Mahdi (AS) in the Old and New Testament?

  5. How and in what manner these discussions are propounded in dialogue among the religions?

  6. What are the resources which exist about the subject under investigation and what kinds of researches have been carried out about it?

  7. Whether discussing pertaining the topic under question in the mass media is appropriate? if yes, how and with what manners it should be presented?


Date : Thursday, Dec 21, 2006, Hour 17.30 -19.30 PM (Tehran local time) 
Place : Third Floor, Kanoon Islami Ansar Library, Gordafarid St., Next to Amir (AS) Mosque, Across the gas station, North Kargar St., Tehran-Iran

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The glad news in the sacred books about the blessed prophet of Islam (P.B.U.H)
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