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Iranian Identity, Islamic Culture

17 November, 2005 13:37
Iranian Identity, Islamic Culture

Islamic research and Information center holds its fortieth monthly conference in English with the title “Iranian Identity, Islamic culture “at the last month of Aban in cooperation with Iranology foundation, UNESCO office based in Tehran, researchers, intellectuals and professors at the national globalization program center.

Hopefully we’ll have suitable answers by intellectuals, since this issue is one of the most important disputable subjects, regarding explaining the relationship between nationality and Islam and the reaction of different kinds of Iranian cultures towards Islamic culture.

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1- To what extend is the element nationality accepted and supported by Islamic culture?

2- What did the Iranian culture possess when Islam came to Iran? 

3- In which fields did the Islamic and Iranian culture reaction towards each other?

4- What are the red lines in nationalism?

5- What roll did the Iranian’s play in compilation of Islamic science (religious jurisprudence, Kalam , History and literature )?

6- How did the youth now a day reach a consensus between its Iranian identity and Islamic culture?

7- What are the most important sources about this issue and what steps have been taken?

Summery of Engineer Vakil’s speech


An Introduction to virtue and morality (Akhlagh)

This is a prologue to my article to clarify some terms and definitions used there in such as virtue and morality which I humbly mention in the following brief statements.

1-However, I would first like to quote some statements from various thinkers on virtue and morality:

1-1- Good virtue and morality is not attributive of any social class in particular. it is honored regardless of class and profession     " Samuel Smiles ".

1-2-An ill-tempered roan is being caught in the grip of such enemy that no matter how he leads his life, he is never freed from its nefarious outcome          " Sadi ".

1-3- - courtesy  , virtue and morality are pledged friends soon to form alliance  " Bartol " .

1-4- the worst immoral act for a man would be to assume responsibility of a task who is incapable to accomplish      " Napoleon " .

1-5- The decadence of virtue and morality has always been a forerunner to the fall of civilizations      " kazemzadeh Iranshahr ".

I have also endeavored to introduce my own comprehensive term and definition of virtue and morality .

To that end , I am indeed relying on your questions and comments to further develop the topic.

2. It has never been my intention to publish this article just for the sake of making some statements . It is however , my sincere desire that aside from occasional discussions and exchanges , to expand the concept to a more pragmatic means for this world in a way that it would be useful for the next world as well .

3. Along the usual inquiries on the subject matter, may I please ask you to pay your deep attention in examining my principal belief.

So with God's help and with solidarity and mutual understanding, lets set ourselves working in quest of virtue and morality as a predominant force in all doctrines and facets of life, since the lack of true virtue and morality is the main cause of mans misery, and human unhappiness and affliction find its roots in the absence of virtue and morality.

4-Good virtue and morality not only is the cure of all pains but the first and foremost step in the sublime realization of the self and of God.

Without good virtue and morality life becomes meaningless and empty.

5- Everyday happenings such as words , deeds , angers , thoughts , etc. of others are considered as the " input " for an individual .

These are placed against our internalized beliefs and credibility, habitudes and practices, making us, to react (verbal, acting or meaningful silence...)

These are understood as "output".

If our acts ( i.e. outputs ) are in concordance with our set of criteria, standards ,religious faith and leanings, they usher us to the attainment of internal peace and rectitude .(However, if they do not bring us tranquility and guidance , they are not considered proper output and one should strive toward working and creating his own mood of patience , integrity and harboring of spiritual content so we may gradually develop and strengthen the soundness of mind and the ecstasy of heart). This "output" is the substance of virtue and morality which in turn could nurture the spirit of grace and beauty in people's exchanges and interrelationships.

At any rate , if we persistently practice such fine qualities , not only do they help us to heighten our true personality , the outcome of our acts provide meaningful aspiration to others to follow the path of virtue and morality for their own growth and happiness .

By, the way , what is a greater gift than a way of acting and feeling which may motivate and inspire people to good conduct and joy.

6-Sometimes it is argued that how virtue and morality is explained and justified in an industrial society and other types of modern communities.

 The problem is not stemmed from the definition and this in itself does not alter the true meaning and the essence of virtue and morality.

However, improper and indecent practices, resulting in adverse "outputs" might cause some people to assume and conclude that the pitfall mainly resulted from the virtue and morality . When in truth this is not so.

No matter what definition of virtue and morality you present to any community , it is destined at the end to stand vividly as a re-enforcing complementary instrument to what we already have said of good virtue and morality .


With humble gratitude and thank to Dr. Gholamreza Esmayilzadeh .

Masoud Vakil 27/06/84 18/09/2005



Virtue and morality (Akhlagh)

There is no doubt that the purpose of coming to this world is to get to know the Lord (God). In order to understand him we have to find and understand ourselves, in my firm opinion the foundation for understanding god and oneself is to have a balance temperament. This will be in brief explained at the end.

It is hoped that these talks and discussions about different school of thoughts through seminars and gatherings which incur time and expenses will lead to a better understanding of people in particular ourselves so that in a calm environment and away from one's selfishness we found the truth through our inner thoughts, congruence of action, belief and effort of our temperament.

In the philosophy of life we have to fund the truth to be equipped and ready for the other world, there is no other choice weather we like it or not.

Intensions behind these seminars should not be byes towards one opinion I emphasis that these seminars and gatherings should recognize   and overcomes our inner selfishness not promoting them. Introduction of various thoughts and exchange of opinions is meaningful but even more than that is to practice them upon ourselves in day to day life. It would be wonderful when people are so much impressed by these preachers preaching various cults, that they seek more understanding of them, preachers have no choice but to find and understand inner themselves first, to achieve that they need to dedicate time for seclusion and analysis of their  behaviors .

Comparisons of our behavior with the acceptable standards can help to recognize and replace the undesired elements within ourselves with decent ones which will eventually purify our temper and standards. The road to the truth and ideal standards are long and full of danger, with the constant threat of ego and temptation but it can only be travelled safely with the love of god his servants and his nature as a whole.

Now the temperament can be explained as one reaches the state of equilibrium in itself between daily life events as intake and natural reaction including mutual understanding as output. This means that when a person faced with so many undesirable events all aimed at him , he should try to absorb and overcome those unacceptable elements within it which did not match with his newly gained inner standards of behavior until it reach an state of equilibrium only then such person can react in a well controlled mannered and polite behavior. This kind of controlled calm temperament against undesirable external inputs is the result of serious of positive internal reactions only possible through a well constructed temperament.

Masoud Vakil

I would like to thanks Dr Esmayilzadeh for his guidance on this article and Mr Mojtahedi for his translating this article in English.


Date : Thursday 26th of Aban, 1384 (November 17th, 2005) 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm 
Place : #35, 18th Street , North Al-lameh Tabatabai Street, Sadat Abad, National Globalization Studies Center

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Iranian Identity, Islamic Culture
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