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Islam and Women's rights

13 June, 2002 15:37
Islam and Women's rights

The main points that have been discussed are as follows:

  1. How could Shias prove that they have been, in practice , moving in the line of Islamic unity throughout the history?
  2. How could the Muslim scholars and researchers benefit from Ghadir as a bridge to connect all Muslims for Islamic unity?
  3. Which verses or sayings (rawayat) express the fact that Imamat (Devine Leadership) is the factor for unity of Muslims?

  4. Who are the most famous Islamic authors who have created ever-lasting masterpieces on Ghadir?
  5. Today, how could the awaiting of Imam Mahdi, as the last treasure of Imamat, be considered as the continuation of Ghadir and the message of unity under the authority of Islamic global government?


Feminist Expectations and the Responses of Muslim Women.ppt

QurÆan Recitation9.ppt

Women In Islam Presentation.ppt



Date : June ,Thursday, 13th 2002 ( Khordar , 23 , 1381) 
Place : Avenue: Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies , Adjacent to ASP Towers, 64th St., Kordestan Highway, Tehran, Iran

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Islam and Women's rights
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