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The Divine message, Clarity or Hermenutics?

20 November, 2002 16:21
The Divine message, Clarity or Hermenutics?

From a religious perspective, “The Divine Guidance & Teachings “come to assist man’s reason in leading his life.  To benefit from this Divine Guidance, one should be able to understand this message in a clear way. The transparency and clarity of the divine message can be questioned by “hermeneutics“ and theories of relativism when applied to the religious knowledge. Is it possible to benefit from Divine Teachings and enjoy the reassurance of faith and religious conviction, while being aware of the social and historical factors affecting the quality of our understanding and knowledge? 



QurÆan Recitation14.ppt


Date : November ,Thursday, 21th 2002 (Aban , 30 ,1381) 
Place : Avenue: Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies , Adjacent to ASP Towers, 64th St., Kordestan Highway, Tehran, Iran

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The Divine message, Clarity or Hermenutics?
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