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Prophet Muhammad [p.b.u.h] & science

14 May, 2003 16:30
Prophet Muhammad [p.b.u.h] & science

The conference will attempt to have the following questions answered:

1. The notion of Science in the Holly Quran and the Tradition. 
2. The encouragement of efforts for developing scientific discoveries in Islam and Quran.
3. Muslim Scientists, Their lives and their works.
4. Muslims contribution to development of science (i.e. scientific discoveries and technological innovations) through out the history.
5. The challenges of Muslim societies in modern industrial world: its causes and outcomes. 
6. Muslims and the nostalgia of their past glories.  Retaining their leadership in science and technology: Opportunities, Challenges, and  Prospects.
7. Lessons from the Holly Quran and the Tradition: the lost opportunities and  new prospects.  



Quran Presentation1.ppt


Date : May ,Thusday, 15th 2003 (Ordibehesht , 25 ,1382) 
Place : Avenue: Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies , Adjacent to ASP Towers, 64th St., Kordestan Highway, Tehran, Iran

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Prophet Muhammad [p.b.u.h] & science
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