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The Religios minorities in muslim comunities & other Societies

18 June, 2003 16:40
The Religios minorities in muslim comunities & other Societies

The conference attempted to have the following questions answered:

1) Does Islam impose religious belief  on people or leave the choice to the people themselves?
2) What is the rights of religious minorities in Islamic jurisprudence (Fight/doctrines)?
3) How was the life of religious minorities in the Muslim society at the first stage of Islamic state?
4) How have foreign countries utilized minority issues in unstablizing Muslim countries and how can Muslims contain this conspirancy?                                                          
5) How do the Western countries treat religious minorities (esp. Muslims) in their societies?
6) How has the events of September 11 lead to the  violation of Muslims rights in the West?    

7) How do religious minorities perceive their life  and their rights in the Muslim Countries?   





Date : June ,Thursday, 19th 2003 (Khordad , 29 ,1382) 
Place : Avenue: Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies , Adjacent to ASP Towers, 64th St., Kordestan Highway, Tehran, Iran

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The Religios minorities in muslim comunities & other Societies
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