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Nahj-ul-Balaghah: Response to the Contemporary Needs of Mankind

11 January, 2006 17:18
Nahj-ul-Balaghah: Response to the Contemporary Needs of Mankind

The Monthly 42"d Conference of Islamic Research & Information center held at the holy Id- Ghadir -Khom deals with Ghadir and its message to the modern man.

One of the everlasting impacts of Ghadir is the lasting Imam Ali's sayings and scientific heritage which have been attracting the view of scholars and dignitaries for centuries. There is no doubt to the intellectuals that Nahj ul-Balaghah has enlightened the path of all human beings' life during mankind's' era. But for the awareness of the public the intellectual meetings regarding the scientific dimensions of Nahj ul-Balaghah should be held.

The following questions will be answered in the 42th conference:

1-Where is the Nah jol-balagheh status among the Islamic texts, and why has it been called "Brother of holy Quran"? 

2-What interpretations and explanations have been made upon Nahj ul-Balaghah during history and what does this approach mean?

3-What valuable and lasting points does Nahj ul-Balaghah contain in the field of politics?

4-What is the value of educational and ethical concepts of Nahj ul-Balaghah and how can one take advantage of them?

5-What concepts and items does each triple 'sections of Nahj ul-Balaghah consist?

6-What role can Nahj ul-Balaghah play in Muslim Ummah unity?

7-What are the scientific approaches for further binding of the youths to the Nahj ul-Balaghah?

It is hoped that the honorable researchers be able to take enough advantages of this conference and by expressing your comments contribute to the IRIC.





Date : Thursday ,January 12,2006- 22 th. Day 1384 from 3pm to 6pm 
Place : saadat abad st., north allameh tbatbaei st., western eighteenth Ave. No.35 center of Globalization Studies

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Nahj-ul-Balaghah: Response to the Contemporary Needs of Mankind
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