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Tourism, Cultural Interaction & Historical Lessons

09 March, 2006 12:43
Tourism, Cultural Interaction & Historical Lessons

The level of capability in exchange and interaction with other cultures is one of the most important factors in the dominant cultures. Traveling, sightseeing and tourism is the primary tool of such familiarization following which are interaction and cultural exchanges. Many cultures have found acceptance, comprehension and development when they have traveled outside their own geographic borders.

What do we think about these grounds? 

The questions facing us below are what the conference will aim to address:

1. What has the historic role of world tourists been in development and promotion of culture? What examples can be named?

2. How can Traveling and sightseeing culminate in learning lessons?

3. What comprehensive messages and lessons can historic artifacts of any nation have for tourists?

4. Why it is that nowadays nothing other than economic aspects of tourism are addressed and cultural aspects remains overlooked? 

5. To what extent is the necessity for the establishment of “cultural museums” alongside “history museums”?

6. What successful experiences in the field of cultural publication of Islam via tourism can be assumed?

7. What is the procedure for establishing “culture of Islam museums” in Tehran and how can the role of individuals and organizations be defined?

8. What is the role played by cultural publicity in entry and exit ports of countries and what proposals can be offered in this field?

9. What educational courses are proposed for tour guides and what specifics should such persons have?

10. What programs can be offered in the world of virtual communication and information on virtual tourism, and what experiences exist on these grounds?


Introduction to Tourism and Its Impacts.ppt 



Date : Thursday, March 9 2006 from 3 to 5 PM 
Place : Iranian National Program for Globalization Studies; NO. 35, East 18th Str, Kaj Sq, Saadat Abbad Ave. Tehran. Iran

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Tourism, Cultural Interaction & Historical Lessons
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