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Detente, Coexistence and Cooperation in light of Interfaith Dialogue

09 January, 2003 13:11
Detente, Coexistence and Cooperation in light of Interfaith Dialogue

The theme of this meeting is "Islam and Interfaith Dialogue – Its Heritage, Foundation, Rules and Norms, Challenges and Opportunities" 

Being in need of spirituality, believing in God, and following a religion are universal law and (in agreement) accordance with the innate of Man. Faith (in God) brings Man comfort and the best spiritual and practical teaching gives Man the most happiness. Man is in search of the best and the most complete religion and the interfaith dialogue facilitates his task. The interfaith dialogues along with appropriate rules and norms ease the comparative study of religions, provide the knowledgeable man opportunity to present his idea, and give man chance to listen to different messages and to choose the best one. In this mission, rules and norms of debate play the major role in these interfaith dialogues.

In conjunction with the anniversary of the birthday of the greatest Muslim leaders in interfaith dialogue, the great Prophet of Islam, the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) and the birthday of the eighth Imam of Shia', Imam Reza(greeting to him), the sixteenth meeting of IRIC deals with the issues related to Islam and Interfaith Dialogue.

The interfaith dialogues in a civilized manner strengthen coexistence and harmony among people. Based on this idea, in this IRIC meeting we will deal with interfaith dialogue and its related issues, highlight the rules and norms of interfaith dialogue in Islam and raise major questions such as: 

  • What is the place of interfaith dialogue in Islam and its historical trend through out the centuries?
  • What are the main characters of interfaith dialogue?
  • Does the interfaith dialogue support the relativity of the religion and bring down the superiority of one religion over other religions?
  • Does the interfaith dialogue demote our attachment to a specific religion?
  • How a Muslim can stick to his own faith and respect other religions?
  • Is there any contradiction between supporting, following, and teaching one religion and respecting other religions?
  • What are the roles of intellectuals and the men of knowledge in interfaith dialogue?
  • How can we make public involve and beneficiary in the interfaith dialogue?
  • What are the challenges of interfaith dialogue and how we can manage them?
  • Which is the best model of interfaith dialogue in our era and what is its outcome?
  • Who are the leading figures in interfaith dialogue and what are their works? 


Date : Thursday, January 9th  2003 (Dey 19th 1381) 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Place : 
Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies Adjacent to ASP  Towers, 64th Street, Kurdistan Highway, Tehran


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Detente, Coexistence and Cooperation in light of Interfaith Dialogue
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