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Islam Against Terrorism

06 March, 2003 13:52
Islam Against Terrorism

This Conference dealt with the issue of terrorism and the view of Islam on this subject. Although the uprising of Imam Hussein (p.b.u.h) have had a great impact on all religious and reformist movments, some self-motivated parties have tried to explain it as equivelaut to terrorism. In this conference this subject was analysed while commemorating the lord of Martyrs (p.b.u.h).


The Following ideas were discussed:

  1. The view of Islam on terrorism and the exact meaning of the word.
  2. The misuse of the term terrorism in the modern world and the hidden political motives behind this.
  3. The impact this uprising of the lord of the Martyrs (p.b.u.h) can have on religious and reformist movements.
  4. The most important responsibilities related to the uprising that can be pinpointed and counted for the believers.


Date: Thursday, March 6th 2002 (Esfand 15th 1381) 18:30 to 20:30 
Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies, Adjacent to ASP Towers, 64th St., Kordestan  Highway, Tehran, Iran

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Islam Against Terrorism
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