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Human Rights , From the Perspectives of Islam and the West

15 September, 2004 16:31
Human Rights , From the  Perspectives   of Islam  and  the  West

The thirty  sixth  monthly conference  of  the  Islamic Research  and  Information  Center  (IRIC)  focused  on  the  important  topic  of   human  rights  from  the  perspectives  of  Islam  and  the  West .

The  invited  distinguished  speakers and  panel  discussions  dealt with  several  important  questions  including  the  following : 


1)       Has the “ U.N. Declaration  on  Human  Rights ” been  taken  from  the  basic  principles  of  all  Divine religions? and  have  the  religions  not  emphasized  on  the  same  rights for  mankind?

2)       What practical guarantees have been  provided  by  the  international  organizations  for  the  implementation  of  their  resolutions   and  what  challenges  exist  in  this  regard?

3)       How  has  Islam  constituted  respect  for human  beings? and how  human rights  have  been  recommended   in   man’s life  period ( even before his  birth  and  after  his  death )? 


Date : Thursday  , September 16th 2004 (Shahrivar 26 th , 1383) 18:00 to 20:00 
Place : Haft Gonbad Hall , Nezami Ganjavi Park , Ehtesham St. , Valiasr Ave. Between Saee Park and Day Hospital , Tehran , Iran.


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Human Rights , From the  Perspectives   of Islam  and  the  West
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