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  • The Straight Path
    Straight Path refers to the basic and fundamental principles of the true Islam which is according to the teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his progeny (A.S.).
  • Islamic Lifestyle
    In Islam, religion is a complete way of life, not just a spiritual yearning. When a person believes that God has created the world and has sent guidance to human beings, he would want to follow His guidance. Islam provides an entire spiritual and social structure that regulates believers in every aspect of their lives: whom they marry, how they conduct business relations, what they say when praying, how they relate to their neighbors, and so on. "Islamic lifestyle" is a 26-part series which focuses on Islamic teachings to make a better life. The series consists of 3 chapters of ”Ethics in Man”, ”Ethics in Family” and ”Ethics in Society”.
  • Perspective (New Series)
    After a 4 year gap, from 2010 the second round of perspective started with a new format in order to cover and focus on more challenging topics in relation to contemporary Islamic issues in western societies. As a result 4 round tables as a TV program were produced. Each program was performed in the form of a discussion between a num¬ber of audiences present in the studio and two experts concentrating on different is¬sues around Islam in the current era.

Media & Information

In order to provide an opportunity to enhance, deepen and enrich understanding of Islamic issues and illustrate a true image of Islam for English-speaking people, IRIC has produced several video programs on the subjects of the principles of Islam, Islamic culture and history, as well as introducing Islam to the western world. Several TV talk shows, discussion and debate programs and documentaries on different religious issues have been created and broadcast over the satellite channels.

Another area of activity at IRIC is collaboration with TV channels to better educate the public about Islam and to provide positive portrayal of Muslims in the media. We work to promote a Muslim identity by building alliances with Muslim and non-Muslim groups and by cultivating relationships with other intellectuals and decision-makers to develop a synergy between Muslims and non-Muslims in the local, regional and world mass media. 

The media projects create and nurture spaces, forums and programs that change attitudes and reduce expressions of racist, discriminatory and xenophobic hostility towards the vulnerable Muslim minorities. 

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 The Straight Path
Straight Path refers to the basic and fundamental principles of the true Islam ...
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