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In order to train interested individuals to better introduce & propagate the true teachings of Islam in English, IRIC has developed a series of courses related to Islam and the West.

IRIC has been successful in holding short-term modular courses related to Islam and the West for the interested institutions and welcomes holding such customized training packages for the interested parties.

The educational proficiency courses at IRIC provide an opportunity to study foundation, developmental and advanced level courses from a broad and multidisciplinary perspective as related to Islam and the Muslim societies. 

They also provide an opportunity to broaden, deepen and enrich students understanding of Islamic issues.

This Program is designed to help the students develop independent, critical and analytical thinking of the western philosophies and societies. The study involves formal lectures, supported by tutorial sessions and seminars. The progress is assessed through examinations and course-works at the end of each semester.

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"Cultural Interaction between Islam & Non-Muslim Societies" Proficiency Course
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