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Islamic Beleifs (College Level)

28 April, 2014 13:00
The aim of the course is to provide students with a general overview on the five fundamental principles of Islam.
Islamic Beleifs (College Level)
Course Description:
The aim of the course is to provide students with a general overview on the five fundamental principles of Islam, namely, Monotheism (Tawheed), Divine Justice (Adl), Prophet-hood (Nobuwwah), Divine Leadership (Imamah) and Resurrection (Ma’aad). 
The course begins with an introduction on the necessity of religion and continues by introducing monotheism as the first basic belief in Islam which covers issues such as knowing God, the attributes of God, atheism and polytheism. 
The second part of the course examines the subject of justice of God, determinism (Jabr) versus free will (Tafvidh), divine decree (Qadha), and measure (Qadar). 
The third section discusses about the prophets and their divine guidance and their infallibility following a brief discussion on the distinguishing features of the message of the Last Prophet. The fourth series of lessons explores the necessity of the divinely appointed successors of the Prophet, i.e., Imams, and their eminent virtues and positions. It also presents some facts about the life and the appointment of the twelve Imams. 
The last section of the course deals with the topic of the resurrection including the events after death, the signs of the doomsday, the judgment day, Intercession (Shifaa’at), the bridge of Siraat and heaven and hell.

Required Readings:

1. Berenjkar, Reza. Innate gnosis of God. Naba Cultural Organization, 1379 
Available at: 

2. Berenjkar, Reza. Fundamentals of knowing God in Greek Philosophy & Divine Religion. Available at:

3. Kamoonpuri, Sayyed QMM. Basic beliefs of Islam. Tanzania Printers Limited. 2001 Available at:

4. Qaraati, Muhsin. Lessons from Quran (justice &social justice), Islamic Seminary Publications. Available at:

5. Lari, Sayyed Mujtaba. God & his attributes Lessons on Islamic Doctrine. Islamic Education Center, Available at:

6. Lari, Sayyed Mujtaba. Imamat and Leadership Lessons on Islamic Doctrine, Islamic Education Center. Available at:

7. Rizvi, Akhtar. The justice of God, Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania. 1992. Available at:

8. Rizvi, Muhammad. Islam: Faith, Practice, History. Ansariyan Publications. 2004. Available at:

9. Rizvi, Sa’eed Akhtar. Day of Judgment. Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania. 4th edition, 1994
Available at:

10. Subhani, Jafar. Doctrines of shi'i Islam: A Compendium of Imami Beliefs and Practices. The Institute of Ismaili Studies and the Imam Sadiq Institute in Qom. 2001

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Islamic Beleifs (College Level)
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