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Revealed Prescripts (College Level)

28 April, 2014 13:28
Revealed Prescripts (College Level)

Course Description
This course begins with an introductory discussion about the meaning and necessity of “Taqleed”, Jurisprudence and philosophy of Islamic laws (Ahkaam) and continues with practical laws related to the daily life young adults such as ritual purity, ablution, prayer and fasting, dealing with opposite gender and economic activities.


• Ayt. Seestani. Jurisprudence Made Easy, Imam Ali Foundation, 1998

• Ayt. Seestani. Simplified Islamic Laws For Youth and Young Adults, Ansariyan Publications

• Ayt. Seestani. A code of Practice for Muslims in the west, Imam Ali Foundation

• Ayt. Makarim Ahirazi & Ayt. Subhani, Religious questions Answered, Logic For Islamic Rules, Ansaiyan Publications

• Ayt. Mutahhari. Jurisprudence and Its Principles. Tahrike Tarsile Quran

• Rizvi, Sayyid Muhammad. An Introduction to Islamic Shari’ah. Ansasiyan Publications, 1992

• Ayt. Makarim Ahirazi, A Summary of Rullings, Madani E-Publication

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Revealed Prescripts (College Level)
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