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Islamic Lifestyle: Ethics in Society

02 February, 2014 18:30
Islamic Lifestyle: Ethics in Society

Islamic Lifestyle (Series Description)

In Islam, religion is a complete way of life, not just a spiritual yearning. When a person believes that God has created the world and has sent guidance to human beings, he would want to follow His guidance. Islam provides an entire spiritual and social guideline that regulates believers in every aspect of their lives such as whom they marry, how they conduct business relations, what they say when praying, how they relate to their neighbors, and so on. "Islamic lifestyle" is a 26-part series focusing on Islamic teachings as the best way to make a better life. The series consists of 3 chapters of ethics in man, ethics in family and ethics in society.

Ethics in society
Ethics in society is the third chapter of "Islamic lifestyle" series, which deals with codes of conduct in social life from the Islamic point of view. 

This chapter consists of 8 parts, and is presented by Dr. Hamid Rahimian, university professor and Islamic studies. It is allocated to the following issues: bidding the right and forbidding the wrong, rights of neighbors, rights of friends and companions, maintaining blood ties, the students` duties toward teachers, rights of others, and business ethics. The eighths part deals with medical ethics and is presented by Dr. Zoha Ghavidel, M.D. Islamic studies scholar.

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Islamic Lifestyle: Ethics in Society
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