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Shia Human Rights Documentary

02 February, 2014 18:39
Shia Human Rights Documentary
In an effort to spread awareness of the discrimination and persecution faced by Shia Muslims worldwide( Anti-Shi'ism) for each specific country to move towards a more unbiased and peaceful governments and international organizations that does not exclude minorities, including religious minorities .The effort also unveil hatred incitement against Shiites which prevailed by radical and terrorist groups . This increases the sectarian tension through classifying people according to their sects. This project refers to "prejudice and hatred toward the Shia branch of Islam or towards Shia Muslims.
This discrimination had affected and still affecting the lives of millions Shiites who suffer from extreme polices by some governments excluding them from the nation through eliminating them from many political and governmental middle and senior positions. Even more, the space for their religious freedom was extremely violated; their religious books are banned, establishing independent Shiite judiciary as well as religious schools is prevented, building Shiite mosques and community halls for performing religious rituals is prohibited. Due to the severe prevention and radical restraint by authorities in regards of building their worship places, Shiite citizens in different regions are using their residences for performing their rituals.
Some governments are marginalizing the Shiite minority in different political, cultural, economic and social fields- although they represent a huge percentage in those countries.
The aims of this project are the legal and historic and mass media researches for an audio visual production to protect the rights of Shia Muslims through investigative research and targeted advocacy. It takes note of the reports mentioning the systematic sectarian discrimination that are being made on Human Rights violations to Shia Muslims around the world.
The outcome of the project publicly condemns any reports that justifies violence or entire events itself, trying to raise awareness and bring the violations to the attention of the people through TV channels.
It is a documentary film that document human rights violations committed against Shia Muslims as defined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
The intellectuals and also the lawyers are often interviewed, reported on, and cited for key issues in the world that involves sectarian violence and humanitarian issues. Local scholars and intellectuals are aiming to provide unbiased and first-hand information and analysis on Shia issues.
Its target, also, is to have a proper forum to independently analyze current issues related to Shia community not available from mainstream news sources.
The participants in the project feel that little information are available on Shia's which make it difficult for interested individuals to get reliable and subjective studies on Shia's. They, also, concern about the limited understanding of the Shia communities, which is being plagued by stereotype and misconceptions.
They plan to tackle these limitations by addressing a broad range of historical, social, political, economic, religious and cultural issues and by soliciting writings and views from authors specialized in these fields.
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Shia Human Rights Documentary
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