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An Introduction to the History of Christianity

02 February, 2014 19:06
An Introduction to the History of Christianity

"An Introduction to The History of Christianity" is a seventeen-part TV series, and its main aim is to explore the history of Christianity from the beginning and trace it to the present time. Before dealing with Christianity, it explores the brief history of Judaism and continues it to the time of emergence of Jesus and his struggle with Jews and Romans and his death the rest of program appropriates to the destiny of Jesus` new religion and destiny of his apostles and believers in the history. You will find a complete and fair expression of long history of this Abrahamic religion through an Islamic point of view. Dr. A. Edrisi, international affairs and theology expert, is the main presenter of the series and in some parts you will hear speeches by Dr. Gavahi, and Hojjat-al-Islam Taromi.   

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An Introduction to the History of Christianity
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