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Imam Hussein Movement: A Deeper Insight

02 February, 2014 19:21
Imam Hussein Movement: A Deeper Insight
Since the beginning of this world, Ashoura day has been a very important day. On this day great signs of Allah’s power and glory have appeared in the world. On this day many Prophets were born and they were instituted to the office of prophecy. On this day, Prophets, Saints and Sincere servants of Allah were blessed with miracles and spiritual powers. Imam Hussain (Allah be pleased with him), grandson of our prophet, was also blessed in this day. He and his dear companions were killed severely by the army of yazid but it is a blessing based on his sister`s ,lady zeinab, famous words in kufa , who said: I have seen nothing but beauty. 

In the first episode of the second series of” PERSPECTIVE” TV program named as “Imam Hussein Movement: A Deeper Insight”, two Islamic studies scholars, hojjat-al-islam Qazvini and Ms. nahavandian, explore the event of Ashoura by answering the audience`s questions. The questions answered in the present video are as follow:

1. First, why did this movement take place? What were its implications and procedures?
And what were its conclusive results?
2. A question is asked sometimes, that why Imam Hussein(AS) had not chosen to come to terms with Yazid as his elder brother, Imam Hussein(AS) had done earlier while dealing with Moawiy?
3. Was Imam Hussein aware of his martyrdom by his divine knowledge when he decided to start and direct the movement or was he actually hopeful to gain victory?
4. Another question which comes to mind is that If Imam Hussein was aware of the future events by his divine knowledge, why did he choose to go to Karbala and take the women and children with him that eventually lead to their suffering and captivity. Was his decision Compatible with this verse of holy Quran that says «لاتلقوا بايدكم الى التهلكة»؛, which means “do not kill yourselves by your own hands”. Wouldn’t his act be considered as a kind of suicide?
5. It is been mentioned in the history that most of the people who were fighting in the Army of Ibn-Yazid against Imam Hussein , were those who had invited Imam by their letters to Kofa. So can we say that Imam was killed by the Shias themselves? Isn’t this famous saying of Imam “your hearts are with me but your swords are against me” prove for such a claim? If not who was really responsible for planning this battle?
6. Considering that all the companions of Imam Hussein were Martyred in Karbala and the women were not in the scene but in their camps, how are the events of Karbala been narrated in such details?
7. A question that we come across in western societies regarding the movement and martyrdom of Imam Hussein is that, the event of Karbala goes back to 1300 years ago and none of those who took part and their generations are alive. So, why the event is commemorated each year? Isn’t it against the favor of Islamic community as general?
8. What is the philosophy and use of mourning for Ahl-albeit? Why are we encouraged and
recommended to cry for what has happened 1300 years ago? Shouldn’t we instead celebrate for the final victory of Imam Hussein and his companions?
9. There are some who claim that these kinds of mourning which are evident in today’s Shia communities, have been established in the era of Safavi Dynasty and have no roots in the Shia narrations and were also not practiced by Ahlulbeit. How can we respond them?
10. How vital and crucial was the role of the household of Imam Hussein and the captives, esp. Lady Zeinab and Imam Sajad in continuing the movement of Sayed-al-shohada?

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Imam Hussein Movement: A Deeper Insight
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