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The Authenticity of Mahdaviat

02 February, 2014 19:46
The Authenticity of Mahdaviat
In many religions there is an expectation for a savior to come and help the release from injustice. In Islam it is ‘Mahdawai’ which has a great international philosophy, because Islam is an international religion and Shia in its real meaning is an international factor.

In addition to the Muslims especially the Shia, followers of other religions like Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians, and Hindus expect someone to come and bring peace and justice to the world. God has promised that he will actualize the ideal situation in which the divine religion and righteous people would rule and its goal would be to establish monotheism across the world. But how it happens and what are its features. 

in the second episode of the second series of ” PERSPECTIVE” TV program named as “The Authenticity of Mahdaviat, Dr. Nahavandian and Dr. Safavi, university lecturers and Islamic studies scholars, are going to discuss about the following questions:
1) What is the meaning of “Mahdaviat”? And how can we define this term?
2) Is the belief in a savior considered as a common belief in all Monotheistic religions prior to Islam? On which basis ?
3) What is the opinion of non-monotheistic school of thoughts regarding the concept of “Mahdaviat”?
4) How can the authenticity of Mahdaviat be proved according to the verses of the holy Quran?
5) Can we prove the authenticity of the concept of Mahdaviat through other sources and approaches other than traditional sources and quotes? For instance by logical reasoning?
6) Is the belief in Mahdaviat considered as a principle only in the Shia school of thought or is it a common principle among all Muslims?
7) As was mentioned, the belief in Mahdaviat is an absolute and definite principle in Islam. Has this belief ever lead to any misuse through the history? And if so how are we supposed to distinguish and counter the false?
8) What are the practical outcomes of believing in Mahdaviat? What are the consequences of weakening this belief?
9) In addition to traditional sources and logical reasoning, are there any historical evidences about the contacts of Hazrat Alhoja with people during the occultation?

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The Authenticity of Mahdaviat
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