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Knowing God through Science, Nature and Religion

04 February, 2014 12:32
Knowing God through Science, Nature and Religion
“We have started a quest for truth in science but this is not enough. The quest for truth has to be continued in the realm of values as well.”

“ Islam does not accept anyone who claims to be a Muslim if  he/she has not found the basic principles of belief according to reasoning.”

In this video, you will find answers to the following questions:
* Can we understand the existence of God by reasoning or physical means?
* How any person can recognize the presence of God by himself & through thinking freely & independently?
* How can we find God by many personal experiences?
* What is the relation between religion & science?
* How science can tell us about God?
* What is the history of science  & scientists towards God and religion in different centuries?
* What is the manifestation of God in nature?
* Is the whole universe made by accident or does  it need a wise designer?
* How can we find God’s existence through observation of law and order in nature?
* What is the definition of God?

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Knowing God through Science, Nature and Religion
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