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Western World through Muslim Eyes

04 February, 2014 19:24
Western World through Muslim Eyes
Living abroad, it doesn't take long to realise that many things don't 'work' the same. Apart from different languages (and you will benefit greatly if you can learn to understand, speak or write some of them), each country has its own social systems and laws and ways of implementing them to resolve problems and disputes. You will find some of them strange and alien. There will be times when you feel alienated or uncomfortable because you realise that things are not the same as you think they ought to be. This is what is often described as 'Culture Shock'. Now…We know that there exists a huge gap between eastern culture and western one. Then what should we do to face this gap in the gradually globalizing world?

    First of all, we cannot deny any of the cultures. Every nation has its own characteristics and it’s mainly through its culture that we first begin to know the nation and its characteristics. So we cannot say that this culture or custom is right and that is wrong. Equal respect should be attached to every culture in the world, even to those that are not in existence any more.

Next, we should learn how to coordinate the different cultures. We say the world is becoming smaller and smaller. More foreigners come and go every day. When it is in the same country, the same city, the same neighborhood, the cultural collision is expected to be more serious. So we should try to avoid this happening. One important thing is to get some basic knowledge about other cultures so as not to misunderstand some actions or habits of the foreigners.

When the above two is done, we can start to communicate. We can take in some strong points from the foreign cultures. Of course, we cannot throw away our own culture and accept another one totally. Every culture is a treasure to the history of the Earth, so we should only pick out those we lack to perfect our own.

Different cultures add the most colorful element to the world of 21st century. The cultural gap should not be the obstacle to the civilization of human being. It ought to be the motivation of our going farther. Now in this part we are going to discuss about the cultural differences and similarities between the east and the west.

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Western World through Muslim Eyes
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