About US

 Our Vision

 Introducing Islamic teachings to the researchers and academia in the western world based on the Holy Quran and the Traditions of the Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH) and His Progeny (Ahlul-Bait (A.S) ). 

 Short History


 The Islamic Research and Information Center (IRIC) was established by a group of Muslim graduate students in Washington D.C. , USA in 1990. In a short period of time, this center was able to create a network of 40 different Islamic institutes across North America, and prepared the ground for further cooperation.

Through this network, the Islamic Cooperation Council was established. This Council held monthly meetings across different States, and set up multiple educational and cultural programs. IRIC was also successful in publishing the Islamic Monitor journal, as well as the Bosnia Watch weekly bulletin which played a key role in providing vital news and support to stop human genocide in Bosnia in the last decade of the 20th century. 

 A summary of activities and achievements in the initial stage are as follows: 

1. Weekly classes on Islamic studies and development of a syllabus for youths, adults, and university students.

2. Active cooperation with different Islamic communities and centers in order to establish a network of Islamic institutes.

3. Established cooperation with scholars, authors, professors and research centers in USA and Canada.

4. Provided response to selected criticisms & false information provided in different Western publications.

 IRIC continued its second round of activities in the Islamic Republic of Iran from 1996 as a registered non-profit NGO. It was able to attract exceptional talented researchers and students to undertake projects related to the contemporary issues of the Islamic World.

 Current Activities


1. Holding conferences and lectures to reflect Islamic views especially in relation to contemporary Muslim Issues.

2. Cooperation with mass media to introduce the true image of Islam through production of movies and TV programs. 

3. To educate talented Muslims to be proactive in pursuing their religious duties and promote the Islamic & Muslim culture through proficiency courses.

4. To enlighten Muslim minority groups living in the West to protect their rights.

5. Identify important research topics on different Islamic subjects and assign talented scholars to do research in those areas.

6. To create an academic and research network amongst different Islamic educational institutions around the world in order to create a syllabus and course content for Islamic schools in English. 

7. Introduce authentic Islamic sources to scholars and researchers who expressed their interest in different Islamic Issues. 

8. Cooperation with peer institutions in the areas of mutual interest.

9. To Monitor the latest publications, movies and documentaries in the West on the subjects of Islam and Muslims.

 International Cooperation

 IRIC for the aim of achievement of its goals has already organized some kind of cultural and scientific cooperation with Islamic institutes and organizations and also academic centers in western countries through its representative offices.

IRIC, based on its past experience, is very interested in participating and sponsoring regional and international conferences in comparative religions, contemporary Islamic issues, rights of Muslim minorities, interaction between Islam and the West, etc. In this context, several research projects on the above-mentioned subjects have been identified. 

Cooperation in the establishment and support of Islamic studies in the institution of higher education, and international cooperation in the production of appropriate films, TV programs, audio-visual programs and publication of books in the relevant areas of interest are among additional activities of IRIC.

One of the objectives of IRIC is membership in the international organizations and associations in order to provide an opportunity for interaction between Islam and the West and also know the Muslim communities and defend their natural rights.

IRIC also is willing to exchange its cultural products with other interested individuals and institutions.

A Cultural & Religious NGO in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic & Social Council

As a recent development, IRIC , as a registered cultural & religious institution, has achieved “ Special Consultative Status” with the United Nations Economic & Social Council since April 2015, under the name of Islamic Research and Information Artistic and Cultural Institute, which can be utilized in the advancement of Muslim roles in the programs and decisions approved by the world body.