Newsletter 51

Obama rejects 'repugnant' call to test Muslims

June 16, 2016
President Barack Obama clobbered former House Speaker Newt Gingrich on Friday for suggesting that America should deport Muslims who profess a belief in Islamic Sharia law, telling a gathering of diplomats in Washington that the idea is 'repugnant.'

Measuring the Backlash against the Muslim Backlash

July 11, 2016
Despite heated campaign rhetoric and the Orlando shooting, new polls show that the American public’s views of both Islam and Muslims have become more favorable...

Cameron Grants Royal Museum Role to Muslim

July 14, 2016
The Department for Culture, Media and Sport of the United Kingdom government announced that Goldsmiths, University of London lecturer Dr Aminul Hoque, a Bangladeshi Muslim, has been appointed as a Trustee for Royal Museums Greenwich for four years.

Which U.S. religious groups are oldest and youngest?

July 11, 2016
Data from the Pew Research Center has revealed the youngest and oldest religious groups in the United States. U.S. Muslims in the survey have a median age of 33...

Oklahoma Lawmaker Who Called Islam “A Cancer” Gets Study on Radical Islam Approved

July 15, 2016
Rep. John Bennett, R-Sallisaw, has proposed an interim study on radical Islam, Shariah Law,...
Recent Publications

Muslim Diasporas in the West

Edited by Tahir Abbas; 2017
This major works collection surveys the nature of Muslim diasporas in the west from a sociological perspective, exploring the issues of migration, integration, identity, politics, Islamophobia, and radicalization. This four-volume collected works is the state of the art on the research and scholarship on Muslim diasporas in the West carried out over the last four decades. From canonical works to the latest trends in study, these contributions have added to the understanding of ethnicity, equality and diversity in relation to Muslims in the west. These article explore the philosophies of multiculturalism, integration,...
Courses & Conferences

Call for Papers: Challenges & Opportunities for Social Work with Muslims

Submission Deadline: 15 Aug 2016
This special issue aims to fill the gaps in the existing literature on social work education...

Post-Doc in Jewish-Islamic Studies

Application Deadline: 31 Jul 2016
The Jewish Museum Berlin invites applications for a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in the framework of the Jewish-Islamic Forum which includes the history of Jews in the Arab-Muslim world, debates and dialogs on current relations between Jews and Muslims, etc.
Islamic Projects

The Islamic Syllabus project

The Islamic Syllabus project began in 2009. In the years since then, over 600 lessons have been compiled, across three major streams and five study levels. This syllabus was compiled by a team of Islamic school teachers under the general supervision of Sheikh Mansour Leghaei, and is loosely based on the eHawza.

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