Newsletter 55
Newsletter 55

Hollywood Star Counters Islamophobia

August 8, 2016
American Hollywood star Will Smith used his Middle East tour which kicked off on Aug 7, to counter an increasingly anti-Muslim climate surrounding the US presidential race and promote mutual understanding. He kicked off his tour in Dubai to promote the “Suicide Squad” movie.

Pressure to Allow Hijab in Basketball Mounts as Decision Looms

August 10, 2016
Pressure is mounting on basketball authorities to allow Muslim women players to wear a hijab on the court as a petition in support of their cause has reached close to 90,000 signatures.

Muslim women most disadvantaged, say MPs

August 11, 2016
Muslim women are the most economically disadvantaged group in British society, according to a report by MPs. Figures suggest they are three times more likely to be unemployed jobseekers than women generally, and twice as likely to be economically inactive.

French Muslims to Create Foundation to Finance Mosques

August 1, 2016
A new foundation will be created to help finance mosques in France and keep out radical benefactors, the head of the French Muslim Council (CFCM) said Monday...

German Judges Call for Headscarf Ban in Court to Show 'Neutrality'

August 9, 2016
Two influential German legal associations are calling for headscarves to be banned for judges and lawyers to uphold “neutrality” in court. Fierce discussion has been sparked by...

United States of Hate: Muslims under Attack

A BBC Three Documentary
Award-winning director and producer Steph Atkinson brings us this one-off documentary, which examines America's recent upsurge in Islamophobia, meeting both Texan anti-Islam groups and American Muslims as tensions rise at some of America's mosques.
Courses & Conferences

History of British Muslims Symposium

17 September 2016 / Cambridge Muslim College
A Historical Understanding of a New Community;
Cambridge Muslim College (CMC) is pleased to announce the program for the forthcoming symposium on the history of British Muslims on 17 September 2016. Conference Program are as follows...

“God, Man and Universe”

Abstract Submission Deadline: 1 September 2016
5th International Conference on Contemporary Philosophy of Religion’ will be held in Tehran, Iran, Faculty of World Studies at the University of Tehran at January 24-25, 2017. Conference themes include but are not limited to: God’s Attributes/ God-Man Relation/ God-Universe Relation/ Man’s Status in the Universe/...

“War and Peace in Islam”

8 October 2016 / Harvard University
45th Annual Conference of the North American Association of Islamic and Muslim Studies;
Cosponsored By: The Alwaleed Islamic Studies Program at Harvard University;
This conference hopes to shed light on the role of religion in general, and Islam in particular, toward war and peace, militant sectarianism and political violence in Muslim-majority nations.

Leadership Development Program (LDP) 2016

17-18 Sept & 1-2 Oct 2016 / Council of European Jamaats (COEJ)
The Council of European Jamaats (COEJ) will be holding their annual Leadership Development Program running over two weekends, 17-18 September and 1-2 October. The primary aim of this program is to develop leadership capacity across the Muslim communities in Europe.
Islamic Centers

Madrasah Centre of Excellence (MCE)

The Madrasah Centre of Excellence was formed to ensure that the madrasah agenda of the World Federation of KSIMC is always at the forefront of its leaders & its global organization.
Vision: Nurturing Piety
Mission: Enabling a learning environment that instills the values of Quran & the Ahlul Bayt a.s.

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