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U.S. to track religious discrimination in schools as anti-Muslim sentiment grows

September 9, 2016
The U.S. Education Department announced it will begin collecting data this year about allegations of discrimination or bullying of students...

Quran Stands by American Islamic Outreach Foundation

September 11, 2016
American Islamic Outreach Foundation are pleased to announce that the Quran stand Project is going full force. They have 26 Qurans Stands in and around Charlotte...

Muslim Gathering Laments a ‘Normalization of Bigotry’

September 4, 2016
During the Islamic Society of North America convention that started on Friday, official speakers said acts of violence against Muslims had become all too commonplace in the U.S.

U.S. Muslim reflects on 9/11 and his lonely fight against extremism

September 7, 2016
Following terrorist attacks in 2015, Dr. Rushdi Abdul Cader cancelled his family's vacation to focus on his grassroots educational program called Anti-V.I.R.U.S.(Anti-Violent Ideology...)
Recent Publications

Muslims in Global Societies Series

Series Ed.: Turner, Bryan S. | Springer International Publishing AG
The book series Muslims in Global Societies is designed to accommodate the growing social scientific research on Islam and Muslims focusing on contemporary issues derived from the challenges of globalization, the global village and global movements. Until recently, the historical, political and comparative approach to Islam has been preferred over social scientific research and themes. Muslims in Global Societies aims to fill this gap by responding directly to a scholarly demand for an active forum for the discussion of new ideas,...
Courses & Conferences

Invitation to Comment on a Paper Summarizing the Role of Religion in the Contemporary World

by International Panel on Social Progress (IPSP)
We would like to take this opportunity to introduce the International Panel on Social Progress (IPSP). You will see that it exists to...

Measuring Faith

22 September 2016 | Berkley Center, Washington, DC, US
This event will debate new research by Religion Freedom Project (RFP) Associate Scholar Brian Grim that provides the first documented, quantitative national estimates of the value of faith to U.S. society. The RFP will host Brian Grim, along with Byron Johnson of Baylor University's Institute for Studies of Religion and John DiIulio of the University of Pennsylvania...

The Muslim Extremist: The Enemy Within

28 September 2016 | UCL Institute of Education, London, UK
Lecturer: Imam Suhaib Webb
What is extremism? Have Muslims created extremism or have we just misunderstood the classical texts and interpreted them in an incorrect manner? Muslims of today are confused and scared. Faith seems to be a source of...

Jewels of the Qur'an: Inspirations from those Nearest to Allah

11 November 2016 | UCL Institute of Education, London, UK
Lecturer: Yasmin Mogahed
Yasmin Mogahed (USA) will seamlessly relate the examples of the Prophets (as) to relevant comparisons and situations we are all familiar...
Islamic Centers

Al Buruj Press

Al Buruj Press aims to be a center of excellence in the study of Islam and an institute of acquiring and imparting knowledge and understanding. Through this it seeks to transform individuals into future scholars and students of knowledge in order to better educate society on the roles and teachings of Islam. Al Buruj Press produces CD sets and translations of classical books from Arabic into the English language for...

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