Newsletter 191
Newsletter 191
Newsletter 191
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German court allows Muslim teachers to wear headscarf, declaring Berlin headscarf ban illegal

August 28, 2020
Germany’s Federal Labor Court has ruled that it is unconstitutional to impose a ban on teachers wearing headscarves in schools in the capital,...

ImamConnect - the world's first online Muslim services platform

August 26, 2020
ImamConnect, the world's first online platform for Muslim services, launches today. ImamConnect features a global provider community covering a full range of life...

“Khamseen: Islamic Art History Online”

September 8, 2020
“Khamseen: Islamic Art History Online” is an emerging platform of digital resources to aid the teaching of the history of Islamic art and architecture. In its initial stage, the platform provides original multimedia content developed by scholars from across the field of Islamic art,...
Recent Publications

Modern Hadith Studies: Continuing Debates and New Approaches

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press (August 2020)
Editors: Belal Abu-Alabbas, Christopher Melchert, Michael Dann
Brings together western and Middle Eastern scholars to explore medieval and modern approaches to the study of Hadith
Explores and analyses state-of-the-art scholarship in Hadith studies in Middle Eastern and Western contexts, covering a variety of approaches and methods to studying and evaluating the Hadith corpus...
Courses & Conferences

International e-Conference on Interreligious Dialogue

December 4–6, 2020
The Global Center for Religious Research (GCRR) is hosting the 2020 International e - Conference on Interreligious Dialogue, which will bring together religion scholars, specialists, and...

Religious Identity and the Media; Methods, Concepts, Theories, and New Research Avenues

Call for Papers | Abstract Deadline: November 1, 2020
Using the media may be a way to assert and affirm already existing religious identities, as well as an opportunity to challenge and construct...

Library Resources for (Remote) Research in Islamic Studies

September 18, 2020 | Online via Zoom
The Research Methods in Islamic Studies Workshop is a bi-annual workshop that engages graduate students and faculty active in the field of Islamic Studies around current...

Islamic course: Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations

University of Edinburgh
In this research area, you can pursue interdisciplinary study of Islamic thought and practice, and of historical, theological, ethical and political encounters between Christianity and...

Islamic course: Pre-Islamic History and History of Prophet Muhammad (PBH)

September 7, 2020 – February 5, 2021
This module aims to introduce students to the academic study of Muslim history. It provides students with the knowledge of the...

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