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Religion and Spirituality in the Contemporary World

11 June, 2017 12:18
Religion and Spirituality in the Contemporary World

Call for papers

Date: August 19-21, 2017

Venue: The Al-Hikmah Institute of Al-Mustafa International University, Qom, Iran

Abstract Submission Deadline: June 20, 2017

Full Paper Submission Deadline: July 30, 2017

The Al-Hikmah Institute of Al-Mustafa International University organizes a symposium on “Religion and Spirituality in the Contemporary World”. This symposium will be a three-day event exploring the relation between spirituality and religion in the world.

This program will contain three parts including:

  1. Presenting papers and lectures
  2. Workshops 
  3. Iran Touring (Visiting the famous places of ancient and Islamic Persia)

In the first part, the Al-Hikmah Institute invites scholars to participate in the symposium with their papers and lectures. The key areas of focus in this part are: 

1. Spirituality; its Scope and Dimensions 

2. Modern Life and Spirituality

3. Spirituality and Ethics 

4. Spirituality and Abrahamic Religions 

5. Religion and Meaning of Life

6. Spirituality in Qur’an and Other Religious Texts

7. Spirituality as Reflected in Supplication 

8. Spirituality in Thoughts and Life of Imam Khomeini

9. Spirituality in Indian and East Asian Religions 

10. Spirituality in Sufism and Islamic Irfan (Mysticism)

11. Spirituality and Politics

12. Secular Spirituality; its Pathology and Consequences 

13. Spirituality and Peace in the World

14. The Mass Media and Spirituality 

15. Spirituality and Organizational/Occupational Performance

16. Spirituality and Social Welfare and Contentment

17. Spirituality and Music 

18. Spirituality and Psychology 

19. Spiritual Intelligence

20. Spirituality and Physical/Mental Health

In the second part, (workshop) three topics will be presented:

1. Islamic practical Irfan

2. Supplication in Shi’a Islam

3. The history of Islamic Irfan and Sufism

In the third part, the participants will be invited to Iran touring which include: 

1. Excursion to Qom (free)

2. A one-day excursion to Tehran (free)

3. Three days tour Mashhad

4. Three days Isfahan and Shiraz visiting the ancient places.

More information on Al-Hikmah Institute’s website.

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Religion and Spirituality in the Contemporary WorldReligion and Spirituality in the Contemporary World
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