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Summer School of the EMN Research Academy

14 June, 2017 20:48
Summer School of the EMN Research Academy

Re-Envisioning European Islam: Past, Present and Future

Date: September 11-15, 2017

Venue: Airport Hotel Global, Mörfelden-Walldorf, Germany

The European Muslim Network Research Academy will organize its first edition of the Summer School which will take place at Airport Hotel Global, near Frankfurt / Germany.

The EMN Research Academy brings together a multidisciplinary and international group of 40 to 50 students, researchers and members of civil society. It offers the participants the opportunity to study and discuss questions pertaining to Islam and Muslim life in general and Islam and Muslim Life in Europe in particular encompassing culture, politics and issues of identity in the European context with distinguished experts in this field from the academic field and the grass roots level. These topics will be dealt with in a historical as well as a systematic perspective focusing on the vision of the future of Islam and Muslims in Europe’s fabric.

The program offers the participants the chance to attend classes taught by established intellectuals, activists and researchers to discuss their ideas in a relaxed and open atmosphere and within a multidisciplinary framework.
The EMN Research Academy will also allow graduate students to present their research papers in a conference-style setting to scholars/grass roots level activists and co-students in their field. The EMN Research Academy presents a unique occasion to receive constructive feedback on papers and researches.

Costs: 850 Euros which also covers accommodation in multi-bed rooms of the Hotel Global and all meals including dinner (150 euros to the registration and the rest in 2 steps before August, 2017).

Selected Key Speakers:

  • Ahmet Alibasic, Professor of Islamic Studies, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia
  • Karen Armstrong, Author and Researcher on Comparative Religions
  • Fabienne Brion, Professor of Criminology, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium
  • Malika Hamidi, Director General of EMN, PhD in sociology and specialists in Islamic feminism
  • Tariq Ramadan, President of EMN and Executive Director of the Research Center of Islamic Legislation and Ethics

More information at European Muslim Network’s website

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Summer School of the EMN Research AcademySummer School of the EMN Research Academy
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