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MAB National Convention 2017: My Faith, My inspiration

11 October, 2017 13:26
MAB National Convention 2017: My Faith, My inspiration

Date: October 21, 2017 @ 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm 

Venue: The New Bingley Hall, Birmingham, UK

The Muslim Community is full of skilled, motivated and aspiring people. On numerous occasions, the Community has shown its amazing power! However this contribution has been diluted in lots of information which simply does not reflect the reality. This is why MAB National Convention 2017 will highlight the wonderful work Muslims do to show what the reality is.

Today we hear a lot of negative thoughts about how faith contributes to conflicts in the world and may be a reason for inciting hatred. What evidence has shown us is in fact, faith has a great power. This power lies in the values that it brings; the morals that it advocates; and with the general feeling of being a better person and doing good to your fellow human.

So, faith – when correctly harnessed – is a very important part of our society and it can play an even bigger part in being an inspiration for individuals to not only work hard but to do better; to reach out to others; and to provide great aspiration and motivation to do the right thing: to become better people that society need; and thus Creating Hope…Building Society.

The Convention aims to increase hope and unleash barriers to allow us, our children, our brothers and sisters to make our dreams become true. MAB believes in the power and the potential of Muslims to make our Society a better place to everyone.


  • Inspiring speeches
  • Great young and confirmed artists: comedy, spoken word, nasheed
  • Award Ceremony: celebrating those who have contributed to society
  • Workshops on a range of topical and interesting subjects
  • Kids activities: Archery, Go-Karting, bouncy castle, face painting, etc...
  • Networking
  • Stalls with a wide range of products on offer
  • Signposting stall: be put in contact with someone who can help, or direct you
  • And much more...


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MAB National Convention 2017: My Faith, My inspirationMAB National Convention 2017: My Faith, My inspiration
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