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Islam and the West Newsletter Evaluation

01 December, 2017 01:32
Islam and the West Newsletter Evaluation

 Dear recipients,

We would like to acknowledge you that by the grace of Allah, the diligence and perseverance of our Editorial Board and your sincere support and friendly responses through our evaluation forms, we could prepare and publish more than 110 numbers of Islam & the West Newsletter, started 2 years ago.

According to 110 numbers of Islam and the West Newsletter we have already succeeded to submit the following information, data and reports:

♢  320+   News

♢  178+   Conference/ Symposium announcement

♢  40+     Seminar/ Lecture announcement

♢  22+     Workshop announcement

♢  25+     Scholarship announcement

♢  39+     Book introduction

♢  16+     Journal introduction

♢  18+     Islamic projects/ programs

♢  46+     Courses

♢  8+       Islamic documentaries/ films

♢  22+     Job appointment

♢  68+     Islamic /religion research center


We asked, you answered: "How would you describe the newsletter in brief?"

 - Jetmir Çela, Master's Degree:

“Very useful, especially for the students and the researchers. It reminds them about new publications, interesting fields of studying, academic events like conferences, seminars, workshops etc. Well done!”

-  Amirhasan, Master's Degree:

“Great endeavor!”

- Barati, Seminary:

“Useful & relatively good!”

- Majid Ali Faani Tabrizi Nezhaad, Phd:

“It is good in announcement of academic positions and conferences.”

-  Fatemeh Mohammadi:

“I hope you are doing well. I think the newsletter gives great information on different subject matters. The part that is useful for me is related to conferences and postdocs.”


We asked, you answered: "How can we improve the newsletter?"

-  Adding more space in it about Islamic societies in the West, their lives, their activities, their problematic issues, etc.

- Publishing reports of interesting Islamic activities, in order to know more details about Muslims in the West.

-  To deal with the vital and contemporary issues and news and debates.

-  Make a table of contents.

-  Reduce local or community related news.

-  Have more scholarly class, e.g. introduce new books or have a brief book review.

-  Report academic and some of IRIC news, activities,  products.

Still you can send your suggestions and recommendations through this link and contribute in the improvement of the Newsletter.

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Islam and the West Newsletter Evaluation
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