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Special Journal Issue: “The European Court of Human Rights and minority religions”

08 December, 2017 01:41
Special Journal Issue: “The European Court of Human Rights and minority religions”

Religion, State & Society, Volume 45, Issue 3-4, 2017

Edited by Effie Fokas and James T. Richardson

Publisher: Routledge (Sep-Dec 2017)


I. ECtHR and case law: clarity, consistency and controversy

1. The principled slope: religious freedom and the European Court of Human Rights – Melanie Adrian

2. The freedom to wear religious clothing in the case law of the European Court of Human Rights: an appraisal in the light of states’ positive obligations – Marcella Ferri

3. Human rights and religions: ‘living together’ or dying apart? A critical assessment of the dissenting opinion in S.A.S. v. France and the notion of ‘living together’ – Christos Tsevas

4. Militant or pluralist secularism? The European Court of Human Rights facing religious diversity – Roberta Medda-Windischer

5. Update on Jehovah’s Witness cases before the European Court of Human Rights: implications of a surprising partnership – James T. Richardson

II. The ECtHR at grassroots level

6. The European Court of Human Rights at the grassroots level: who knows what about religion at the ECtHR and to what effects? – Effie Fokas

7. The ‘filtering effects’ of ECtHR case law on religious freedoms: legal recognition and places of worship for religious minorities in Greece – Margarita Markoviti

8. ‘Genuine’ religions and their arena of legitimation in Italy – the role of the ECtHR – Alberta Giorgi and Pasquale Annicchino

9. Legal provisions, courts, and the status of religious communities: a socio-legal analysis of inter-religious relations in Romania – Mihai Popa and Liviu Andreescu

10. Beyond legal victory or reform: the legal mobilisation of religious groups in the European Court of Human Rights – Ceren Ozgul

Religion, State & Society is a leading authoritative multidisciplinary journal focusing on the interplay between religion and political and social theory and practice. The aim of the journal is to provide a site for cross-fertilization among disciplines and perspectives on issues of current concern and to set them in their appropriate historical context. The journal encourages a comparative approach, with the intention of examining similarities and differences in the experiences of countries, regions and religions, in stability or in transition.

Religion, State & Society publishes original articles, commissioned reviews and book reviews. Regular special issues, with distinguished Guest Editors, allow in-depth treatment of specific themes, and the Editor welcomes proposals for further special issues or special thematic sections.

More information at: Taylor & Francis Online

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Special Journal Issue: “The European Court of Human Rights and minority religions”
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