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Prophet Muhammad - As if you were with him

19 January, 2018 15:29
Prophet Muhammad - As if you were with him

Teacher: Shaykh Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi 

Date: January 27 – July 14, 2018

Duration: 6 months (40 hours)

Organizer: Cambridge Islamic Collage

From the beginning of human history, billions upon billions of people have come and gone. From these billions, a small number of people live on through their contribution – whether positive or negative – to human civilization. Among them, of course, we think of scientists, philosophers, inventors, economists, military leaders, politicians, statesmen, thinkers, entrepreneurs, authors, philanthropists and rights activists.

On the other hand, there are a group of people whose impact and contribution go beyond any space or time. What they gave to humanity extends even to life after death. Yet these people, instead of being remembered and celebrated, are forgotten, ignored, even ridiculed and mocked…These are the prophets and messengers of God. Foremost among these people is the Prophet Muhammad, ‘a mercy to all the worlds’. As Muslims, we accept him as a messenger but, sadly, have learnt little about him apart from a few dry facts like his father’s name and mother’s name. How is it that we do not know about our Prophet Muhammad? We admire and know so much about people at the other end of the spectrum but we barely know anything about the best human being who ever lived on the face of the Earth. Why?

“Prophet Muhammad – As if You were with Him” is a unique first-of-its-kind program that looks at the life of the Prophet Muhammad from the perspective of the various roles he played in the society. This program picks out the most important roles of the Prophet and shows how they can be made directly relevant to our lives in this modern Western society.

The roles discussed include:

- Muhammad - The Messenger & Caller
- Muhammad - The Teacher & Educator
- Muhammad - The Leader & Guide
- Muhammad - The Spouse & Parent
- Muhammad - The Companion & Friend
- Muhammad - The Liberator
- Muhammad - The Slave of Allah

More information at: Cambridge Islamic College

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Prophet Muhammad - As if you were with him
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