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Symposium: Do You Need God to Be Good?

20 January, 2018 16:11
Symposium: Do You Need God to Be Good?

A multi-disciplinary symposium on religion and ethics

Call for Papers

Date: 30 July - 3 August 2018

Venue: TBD

Papers would be welcomed on topics such as:

  • The right to die/euthanasia
  • State legislation on abortion, same-sex marriage, LGBTQI rights issues in conflict with personal or institutional conscience
  • Is "Good Stewardship" a useful approach to climate change when global warming has become critical? How do increasingly frequent and destructive natural disasters affect ministry?
  • Do we believe in "acts of God" in relation to disasters?
  • Does God act in the world? The problem of evil. Theodicy.
  • Pastoral theology
  • Ethical questions in keeping international peace

Source: Oxford Symposium on Religious Studies

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Symposium: Do You Need God to Be Good?
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