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NCSR 2018: Religion, Politics and Boundaries

24 February, 2018 21:09
NCSR 2018: Religion, Politics and Boundaries

The 24th Nordic Conference in the Sociology of Religion (NCSR 2018)

Call for Papers

Date: August 1-3, 2018

Venue: University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway

Proposal Submission Deadline: April 6, 2018

Growing religious diversity characterizes most countries across the world, often linked to the globalization of migration, politics, economies, and the media. The diversity offers new challenges of managing religion in countries that previously were more religiously homogenous.

The 24th Nordic Conference for Sociology of Religion seeks a more thorough understanding, theoretically as well as empirically, of religion, politics, and boundaries. While sociologists often have attempted to understand these developments in terms of single dimension theories, we would like to find out how this complexity is part of processes of change and continuity in contemporary society.

Keynote Lectures

1. The Global Rise of Religious Violence
Mark Juergensmeyer, University of California at Santa Barbara, USA

2. Contestations of Feminism, Secularism and Religion
Line Nyhagen, Reader in sociology, Loughborough University, UK

3. Understanding the Role of Religion in the Radicalization of Foreign Fighters in Syria and Iraq.
Lorne Dawson, University of Waterloo, Canada

Source: The University of Oslo

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NCSR 2018: Religion, Politics and Boundaries
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