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DeepDeen by Cambridge Islamic College

17 May, 2018 17:02
DeepDeen by Cambridge Islamic College

Deep Deen is the world's first video platform designed to elevate understanding, practice and love of Islam. It is an initiative developed by Cambridge Islamic College.

Under Shaykh Dr. Akram Nadwi’s leadership and profound scholarship, CIC are already pioneers in Online Islamic Education, being the first Islamic institution to live stream seminars. Naturally, given their location in a renowned seat of academia such as Cambridge, they pride themselves on transforming lives through producing Western Islamic scholarship, with a focus on accelerated learning.

Shakyh Dr Akram Nadwi has dedicated his life to mastery in scholarship, perhaps best demonstrated in his ground-breaking research on the female scholars of Islam in the field of Hadith. This research spanned a period of 15 years and resulted in the 57-volume work detailing and analyzing the biographies of over 9000 female scholars from the time of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) until today.


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DeepDeen by Cambridge Islamic College
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