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One Day Course: Reclaiming the Mosque

07 June, 2018 03:18
One Day Course: Reclaiming the Mosque

The Role of Women in Islam’s House of Worship

Date: July 7, 2018

Venue: London & Online

Instructor: Professor Jasser Auda

Mosques are safe spaces for prayer, reflection, community and learning. But sadly, so many of the mosques of our time are turning women away and ignoring the norms set out by the Prophet Muhammad (s) in his Medinan mosque all those years ago. It’s time for positive change. Find out why we got here and how we can go back to the prophetic tradition of inclusivity at IIDR’s newest one day course, Reclaiming the Mosque.

This July IIDR will be using Dr Jasser Auda’s latest book, Reclaiming the Mosque, to understand the historical lead up to the relationship of Muslim women with the mosque today. The Islamic Institute for Development & Research (IIDR) is a pioneering educational organization. IIDR aspires to make Islamic knowledge and thought relevant for our time and space.

At this one day event, Dr Auda will draw on his own extensive research into this area to guide you through:

• Historical accounts of women in Islam and the role that they played both in and out of the mosque (even in the battlefield)
• How to avoid and combat misinterpretations of hadith and Quranic stipulations
• The original design and layout of the Prophet’s mosque in Medina
• Dress codes, community interaction and behavioral etiquettes in prayer spaces
• The emergence of single gender mosques, and much more...  

This course is supported by Maqasid Institute.

Source: Islamic Institute for Development & Research (IIDR)

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One Day Course: Reclaiming the Mosque
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