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Handbook of Islamic Education

05 October, 2018 11:57
Handbook of Islamic Education

Volume 7 of International Handbooks of Religion and Education (IHRE)

Editors: Holger Daun and Reza Arjmand

Publisher: Springer International Publishing (June 20, 2018)

The globalization and the migration of Muslims into new areas of the globe, has led to increased contacts between Muslims and non-Muslims. Therefore, we need better understanding of Islamic education. Reza Arjmand at Linnaeus university is editor of a new handbook that gives a broad understanding of Islamic education.

The handbook:

• Provides policy guidelines and a deeper understanding about Muslim education.
• Is a necessary tool for scholars, researchers, students, policy-makers and practitioners
• Constitutes a great source for systematic background knowledge
• Is part of the International Handbooks of Religion and Education book series

About the Authors

- Holger Daun is Professor of Comparative and International Education at Stockholm University, Sweden.
- Reza Arjmand is a senior lecturer at Department of Sociology, Lund University, Sweden.

Main Chapters

• Islamic Education: Historical Perspective, Origin, and Foundation
• Islam and Education in the Modern Era: Social, Cultural, Political, and Economic Changes and Responses
• Islamic Education Around the World: Commonalities and Varieties

Source: Springer

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Handbook of Islamic Education
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