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Workshops on the study of Oriental manuscripts

17 October, 2018 09:56
Workshops on the study of Oriental manuscripts

Date: March 25-29, 2019

Venue: Berlin State Library, Potsdamer Straße 33, Berlin, Germany

Application Deadline: November 15, 2018.

Public Keynote Lecture by: Dr. Élise Franssen (Università Ca' Foscari Venezia)

Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin (Berlin State Library), Freie Universität Berlin and Al-Furqan Islamic Heritage Foundation (London) are delighted to call for applications for another international training course / workshop in the series: Scriptorium: Workshops on the study of Oriental manuscripts.

This training course / workshop will be organized under the title: “Codicological and Paleographical Aspects of Islamic Manuscripts, with a Special Focus on Manuscript Notes”.

Codicological and palaeographical aspects of Islamic manuscripts, like writing support, binding, calligraphy, etc., will be covered in this training course / workshop. Beyond the material side of manuscripts, the main focus of this training course / workshop will be on manuscripts as sources for social and historical research, beside their content. Manuscript notes (like owners and readers entries and collation statements) or analysis of paper are only two examples that reflect several cultural and economic aspects of Islamic learning and societies.

The focus of this course will be on hands-on sessions, in which the participants will have the opportunity to observe themselves the discussed features in Islamic manuscripts kept at Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, which holds around 43,000 volumes, making it one of the largest collections of Oriental manuscripts in the Western world.

The training course / workshop will be conducted by:

Prof. Dr. Konrad Hirschler (Freie Universität Berlin)
Dr. Olly Akkerman (Freie Universität Berlin)
Dr. Anne Regourd (University of Copenhagen)
Dr. Boris Liebrenz (Sächsische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Leipzig)

Complementary lectures are given by Dr. Élise Franssen (Università Ca' Foscari Venezia) and Christoph Rauch (Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin).

The training course / workshop is intended for advanced MA and doctoral students as well as other junior researchers in the fields of Oriental Philology, Islamic Studies, Ethnography or Comparative Manuscript Studies.

Source: Berlin State Library

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Workshops on the study of Oriental manuscripts
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